Monday, March 18, 2013

PIURA, PERU A Weekend Retreat Begins

Piura Norte, Peru 
(part 1 of 5)

The in-town retreat for the women of the Allianza Piura Norte church, was actually held at our hotel in the breakfast room. 

It was a very nice room with AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!! 

Piura is HOT!!! 

Cathy and Brenda set the room up as I prepared for speaking that evening. 

For every group we had to flex  in response to - changing focus, size of group, logistics and/or timing. That was a good thing.  

It kept us focused, dependent on God and challenged our problem solving skills! 

Here's how the evening started:

• sharing my story-rope

• teaching with the quilts

• break with treats 

• a closer look at the quilts.

Yesterday on the Creative Process, I wrote of our arrival in Piura. Click here.

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