Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LIMA, PERU Story Ropes and Quilts

Monterrico.  Lima, Peru  (2 of 7)
Feb. 12, 2013 

I began teaching the story rope in Rwanda (click on link) with survivors of the 1994 genocide. The story rope teaching came after the sharing of 4 quilts, which I designed specifically for the that trip. 

Likewise in Peru, I brought several 'story-telling' art quilts - 2 were new, designed to use in Peru, Brazil and Cameroon. 

To begin the 1st evening of teaching with the women from Iglesia Monterrico,  I combined sharing my story rope with 2 quilts, Pathway to Healing (used in Rwanda) and God's Story Rope.


Marge sharing her story rope as Ruth translates.

Our group of women from Iglesia Monterrico met in a private home. I started out the two nights of teaching with my story rope and tied in the teaching of the two quilts.

We had first rate translators on this trip, who understood the heart and passion of what we wanted to communicate.  Ruth was our first wonderful translator.

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making the story ropes in Monterrico

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