Thursday, March 14, 2013

BRAZIL The Great-Grandmother (2nd class in Brazil)

Rio de Janerio 

I figured something out. My new iPad Mini takes much better photos than my digital camera!  Here in Rio, I switched to using the camera - after using the iPad exclusively in Peru a couple weeks ago. 

All to say-these pictures, taken with my camera, were out of focus!  Photoshop filters rescued these first 3 photos! 
Yesterday we presented at the Handcraft group at a local church.  I think over 45 women were there. This group meets two times a week, creating handcrafts to sell at their craft fairs 2 times a year.  

It could be my presentation was different for them - using our creative handwork for God. It is always hard to figure out what the perception is when one does not speak the language -  but I think I connected. 

One of the women, making a story rope was a great grandmother of 82. As I went through my pictures, I found her (in dark plaid dress) pictured at the story rope table sorting through the materials to create her rope. Later I took this picture of her. 

Sometimes things aren't communicated correctly. Not knowing the language, I wondered why everyone was leaving !?! 

We had not shared our stories yet!!! 

Oh well. You have got to be flexible on these trips. 

But before great-grandmother left, I sat down with her, asking her to tell me her story. 

Having been through much hardship - the death of 2 husbands and un-natural death of two sons - she was convicted by God, not to give up.  At 82 she is resiliant, a testimony to God's faithfulness, letting go and letting God take care of unresolved justice. HE alone is the judge. Thank you for sharing with me, Great-grandmther. 
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