Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BRAZIL no.2 Storyropes™ In The Community

 Rio de Janeiro

Our first storyrope™ class in Brazil

Yesterday we made storyropes™ with women of one of the communities. 

The artist in me was inspired by the architecture I saw out the windows of our meeting place. 

We began t in a circle. I told my story of family, art and depression. It was depression that resonated in the group - deeply, very deeply. Emotions overflowed. 

I moved on teaching how-to make a storyrope™At the materials table, the women chose their long strips, ribbons and buttons that would tell their stories.  

After they sat down at tables to begin, I glanced over at the material table. 

All the black was gone. I quickly put more black ribbons out. 

They would need more. I was sure. 

next post: Sharing their Long Stories

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