Friday, March 15, 2013

BRAZIL Showing Me Their Cordão De Vida (2nd class Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro (2nd story-rope class) 

In Brazil, we are calling the story rope, cordão de vida.  

At the end of class something was lost in the translation.  

It happens.
Although I thought they were told we would be sharing their stories to one another at their tables, they started coming up to me with happy faces, to show their ropes and tell their stories in Portuguese which I don't understand!

Then they all got ready to leave! 
What is happening?!!  
Where are they going?!! 
Class was over evidently!  We quickly got their attention!

I grabbed the gold cord to explain about God's Story Rope that we are all a part of it.Not all of their ropes were put on God's story rope. Some were already in their bags.  Then we took this group picture.

OK. Time to regroup, debrief and not make that mistake in the next group. Sharing their stories with one another is the most important part of the story rope making process. It is when the healing begins.

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