Sunday, March 17, 2013

BRAZIL A Circle of 30 (3rd class in Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro  3rd class-part 1

There were 30 in the story rope class last night.  30 women in the circle. 30 individual life stories to think about and work out on their cordão de vida (life cord or story rope). The evening began with worship. (photo 1)

Using my cordão de vida I told my story, how God had used everything, even the very, very long difficult dark time. God wastes nothing!!!!! 
(photo 2 - telling my story with Raquel translating)

On to teaching how to make their own cordão de vida - standing by the materials, explaining they need to choose a long strip to begin the process. 
(photo 3 - holding my story rope)

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continued in next post 

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