Thursday, March 7, 2013

BRAZIL no. 2 In the Studio and Off to a Meeting

Rio de Janeiro

I have a studio here - a granite table top in the corner of our room. 

This morning I began cutting ribbons in my studio. Each color going into a bag - trying for some organization here. 14 bags of different colors. 

Making progress.  I have more strips and ribbons to cut tomorrow. 

Part way through the morning, Jeff (our host & partner in ministry) came by to say that we had an appointment at 1 pm to meet the pastor and women at Caju, go out to lunch and then back to the church to show the storyrope™ idea. Perhaps they might like to have me come share with their women at the church.

On the road we passed several communities. This one pictured will be torn down with the Olympics coming in 2016. 

But we continued on to Caju, where we met, had lunch and shared the storyrope™ process.  

Tuesday we will be going back to teach the storyrope™ to their leaders.

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