Thursday, March 28, 2013

PIURA, PERU The Tale of Two Hearts

Piura Norte, Peru.  (part 4 of 5)  
February 16, 2013  (photos PS-dry brush filter) 

Cathy did the teaching Saturday night at the 2-evening retreat. She used her story rope and 2 heart pillows to tell the story of her own broken life and her identity restored by Jesus.

One heart was made of felt with objects hidden inside. The objects represented false hope, fear, worry, shame, pride, hardened heart, strongholds, etc.  Cathy talked about each after pulling them out of the heart, one at a time – and placing them at the foot of a cross.*

She then correlated the teaching with another heart  pillow.  This 2nd pillow was tightly bound up with black ribbons – which were released one at a time, as the objects were placed at the cross.  This represented inner (heart) healing as God’s truths set us free from the lies of shame, fear, etc – allowing a bound, unidentifiable heart to become recognizable, representing freedom to receive and give out God’s love.

Cathy's teaching was about our identity. Though our identity was stolen by the Enemy, it is ours to take back with the powerful help of Jesus. Our future is not shaped or determined by our past.  Our identity is found in Christ.  Our future is in His hands. We belong to Jesus, who is crazy in love with each one of us.
When we truly know who we are -
because we know who He is, 
it changes the decisions we make. This changes homes, churches, cities, nations and cultures.
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