Friday, March 29, 2013

PIURA, PERU The Wedding Veil

Piura Norte, Peru (Part 5 of 5) February 16, 2013  (In photoshop filter)

Toward the end of the teaching, Cathy took a wedding veil and a mirror out of the felt heart pillow. She moved around the room, putting the wedding veil over each woman, one at a time. As she make eye contact with each, she held a mirror up for them to see their image. To each she said, “This represents who you really are. You belong to Jesus.”

It was like a Holy Communion taking place. One by one, each had a personal encounter with Jesus and what His Truth meant in their life. We were all spellbound at what was taking place.

There were tears, many tears around the circle, women finding hope in Jesus for the first time in their stories. Community was forming as they found others in their group had similar very hard stories.

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