About the Storyrope™

The storyrope™ is taught in the context of the Christian Worldview - putting one's story in the framework of God's story as told in the Bible. 

The storyrope™ is typically a narrow strip of fabric, on to which other fabrics, ribbons, buttons, beads and/or found objects are tied.  These multicolored elements can represent emotions, people, places etc. These are attached along the rope, creating a tactile timeline of that person's life.

The activity of creating and orally sharing the storyrope™ helps an individual process their story, giving meaning to the elements, often leading to emotional healing.  

Thoughts about the storyrope™
• is a tactile timeline of one's life or part of one's life
• requires no artistic ability by presentor or participant
• is colorful & engaging to create
• encourages a person to think about their past
• is a way for a person to tell their story

The storyrope™ used in the healing process
 enables a person to 'see' their life & find God in their story
• makes it initially easier to 'talk' about the past without beginning with words
• is engaging enough to give the desire to make one in spite of the pain in looking back
• encourages thinking about each event to pick appropriate color/pattern to 'tell' that part of their story 
• has helped many begin to process the damaging emotions, holding them hostage 
• releases shame
• helps a person begin to face & process hardship and trauma
 tills the soil of the soul, readying it for the long journey to healing

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