Thursday, April 17, 2014


Cathy shares her experience in India - 2nd of 2 posts.

"I was VERY pleased with the outcome, believing there will be follow up and life transformations that began in the Story Rope process. One pastor's wife really got it and will lead her women to more and deeper."

At the end of the workshop, the women were invited to put their story rope on God's story rope, affirming that they are each loved by God and part of His story.  For both posts click: Cathy does StoryRopes in India

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Cathy talks about her story rope experience in India - 1st of 2 posts:

"Generally the women of India are hungry for Truth in the Story. Breaking thru the traditions and lies of their belief system takes time." 

"I taught God's Story with the great wedding coming soon. Also I taught that in the many, many gods in the world, there is only ONE God who LOVES each woman AND calls her by name."

"The strategy I used was to identify key women, strong in the Word and in prayer and then spend a day with them before we brought together a group of 100 women."

"I prepared them to facilitate small groups of 4-6 women within the large group in listening to each others stories, pray over each others stories and then asking them to follow up with those women in days/weeks to come."

Cathy and I (Marge) worked together in Peru. Look for all 1-SR Peru posts in right index

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Final Paris Story Rope Post.  For Martha and I it was very late by now, but for the French, the night was young!  

One of our new friends stayed a little longer.
I was delighted to hear that she is from the country that inspired the art on my lap - I happened to bring it along on the trip.  

She had a glow about her.  How did she get to Paris? What was her family like? What was her story?  

Holding her rope and moving her hand from ribbon to ribbon, she told us her story.  Yes, indeed.  God was in her amazing story. Big hugs!  

She left soon after. In my concern for her safety riding the metro so late, I was told it was not an issue. The metro would be crowded with people, even now in the early hours of the new morning.  

After a little more clean-up, our host graciously walked Martha and I back to our hostel and we said good night. It had been a great evening of making new friends and building relationships around the coffee table - beginning with desserts and ending with stories. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


By now it was very late. The evening was coming to a close and we had heard only one story. This happens. 

The elderly madame was getting ready to leave.  She had lived a long time. I wished I had heard her story. She had worked intently on her story rope. What was her story? I would not get to hear it.  

I sat with her a few minutes at the end. The madame spoke only French so with limited translation available, I told her I was so glad she came.  gave her postcards of the quilts I had shown the group. The cards would be a token of thanks for coming and a remembrance of our evening together. 

I love hearing the stories of the elderly. They have lived through so much history. I still regret that I missed her story.
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Friday, April 4, 2014


That evening one of our new friends held up her finished story rope and excitedly started to tell her story BUT she began in the middle of her rope!  Now that she had everyone's attention, they stopped working on their ropes and encouraged her to begin at the beginning. She did and ended her story in tears.

Then with a big smile and sigh of relief, she said that she would be able to sleep that night for the first time in a very long time.  Not only did she tell her story but she recognized that God was with her on that long difficult life journey. The burden of keeping her story hidden for many years was lifted. Tonight she would sleep in peace.
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It is a privilege to teach the story rope to women around the world and observe how God works through this simple hands-on process to bring about the beginning of healing. That was so evident in the story above.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The women worked quietly around the coffee table • thinking about their stories• cutting a length of ribbon off the spool or picking up a button representing something or someone in their story • tying the ribbon or button on their length of fabric 'rope' • moving on to the next memory in their story. 

Making story ropes was a thoughtful, slow, deliberate process on this late Parisian evening.