Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was recently in Africa & showed Jane from Kenya, how to tell her story by making a story rope.

As she tied on ribbons and fabric strips that reflected the good & really hard parts of her story, she began to see that God knew about everything that she had gone through & He cares.

Jane shares her story rope in this video.

For more about Jane making her rope: Jane Ties On Her Story Click here. This links to my other blog, The Creative Process.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm leaving for Abuja, Nigeria today, to attend the Movement for African National Initiatives Consultation 2011. A thousand leaders have been invited, 850 of them from African nations.
I've been invited as a creative specialist to listen and offer out-of-the-box solutions, ideas to help them in the process of reaching their goals.
With that in mind, I'm bringing African fabrics cut precut into strips, ready to share how to make a story rope. The African leaders might find these helpful in their ministries of sharing the Gospel, discipleship & healing. May God open the doors for my sharing with humility. The story ropes are His idea & His to give away.
More about preparing for Africa. click: The Creative Process

(photo) In Rwanda where making the story ropes started, Marge surrounded by the World Relief staff holding the story ropes, each had just created. Marge showed the women how to create their own 'story rope' using local fabrics, ribbons & buttons. They took turns sharing their stories of suffering mixed with God's mercy.
"I was able to see my life right in front of me," said Josephine, a mother of five. 'I was amazed at the grace of God upon my life...reminded that I don't deserve God's love, yet He chose to love me before I knew him." From the World Relief article: Patchwork of Hope