Sunday, September 25, 2016


Looking back at preparations for Peru: 

I've been invited to teach in Peru in 2013.  My friend Cathy and I will be teaching the process of making story ropes to multiple women's groups in Lima and Piura. 

I've made and taught the making of story ropes since going to Rwanda and working with the genocide survivors.

 It is an effective way to process ones story - often a story that is too painful to tell, thus never been shared. 

I am presenting it a bit different this time.  I'm creating  new rope - God's Story Rope  to tell His story and how our painful stories fit into his story.  

I'm going to be creating the story rope on the face of a quilt. This is all new & I'm feeling my creative way! 

I plan to have a postcard made of this new quilt, to hand out to the seminar participants.  So in the photos I was figuring out the proportions and size to make the quilt - to fit on the Modern Postcard's Sumo size card-cut in half horizontally.  


2nd of 2 posts

Eva's writes about their time of sharing: 

This woman, shared about being 100% Hopi and going away to school and returning. She was very proud of her life and considered her life a success. 

Others shared much more pain. In fact we recognized that we were on holy ground as they shared losses, divorces, alcohol and addiction problems with children.

Yet somehow when we finished, there was a sense of redemption and an ability to put their 'story' in God's hands.