Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Phnom Penh, Cambodia "We sat on the floor for a morning and afternoon  session at Sak Saum. We asked them for fabrics scraps because they make the purses. It was fun to see them take the straps and make something beautiful out if them. I read them the book of Ruth and then shared my story rope. Then we laid out all the ribbons we had brought and they added their fabrics. We cut long stips of their fabric."

"The most amazing thing was to watch the blind girl smell and touch ribbons and fabrics in order to do her story rope. And she was the first one to share her story! Her story is very hard, one of abuse and violation. However her last 2 strips of fabric were of musical notes and guitars. She put those on because now she has Jesus."

"Story ropes are good care bridges, even for the blind. Many shared, each were prayed for and one thanked us even though she said she could not share right now."  from Marcia Carole (on left)

Sak Saum is about a changed life...seeing people set free and empowered for their future. They believe the cycles of trafficking, abuse, poverty and despair can be broken. They believe change is possible - they see it every day.  Look at their beautiful website, to see their beautifully designed pocket books, wallets and scarves and all about their ministry. Total quality.