Friday, March 28, 2014


Creating began around the coffee table.  What stories did those ribbons & buttons represent? This group represented different nationalities, each on a very different life path and somehow they all landed in Paris. It was getting late. Would there be time for their stories? to be continued. click for all 3 PARIS posts

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Fall 2012  continued from 1st post
After sharing several quilts, I brought out my StoryRope. With it I told my own story - very transparently - for that is key.

As I touched each ribbon, fabric strip and button, I shared what each represented:  
• being raised in a volatile alcholic home • artistic talent • early depression • the importance of the ocean • becoming a Christ-follower • more depression • college art education major • marriage • children • more depression • a friend dying suddenly • going into a very long deep depression • and on... 

As I moved down the rope telling my story, Martha noticed how the women leaned forward, one shook her head-seeming to identify with my struggles.
I finished up with the very slow process of getting better and how God brought beauty out of ashes: I discovered art-quiltmaking - giving rise to a new purpose - taking me all over the world - sharing my art and story and helping others to find God in their dark, hopeless stories too and  teaching others how to do this.

At this point of the evening, our friend, the hostess, suggested they all make story ropes! Plates and cups were removed and out came fabric strips, ribbons and scissors. 

To be continued.......


It brings a smile to my face every time I see that Peggy has returned to China again and does the StoryRopes early in her teaching.  There she is in the middle of a class, with her glowing students holding their StoryRopes!

A couple years ago Peggy 'found me' through a friend. She was leaving for China and wanted to use this process on her teaching trip. We emailed back and forth and set up a time to talk about the process of making StoryRopes.

She also did her 'homework' by looking around this blog which has a lot of who, what, when, where and why - kind of info.  Creative Storying experiences from every continent are listed in the right index.  I continue to add to this list. 

All to say, it does not take an 'in person' class to learn the technique! If you are interested in learning the process, to use in your world, you can learn it on this blog!  

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Fall 2012  Martha and I went to Paris to visit friends. I brought along art work and materials in case there were opportunities to share and create with their friends.  Opportunities happened - some in their apartment (photo at right).   One evening our hosts invited seven of their friends to their home for dessert, to meet us and see some art. There's Martha (top left) getting the yummy dessert table ready. After dessert I shared several quilts including Pathway to Healing (below) before getting out my story rope. To be continued.

Friday, March 21, 2014


The following story comes through Peggy, from her friend, Carol, working in India.  
Peggy trained Carol to do the StoryRopes. click here for Peggy's StoryRopes in China

"Today eighteen women participated in an all-day women's meeting...on Peace with God  
and it's corollary, Facing Our Fears. At last year's meeting these two issues tied for second in a list of issues challenging Indian women. At the top of the list was 'need for encouragement, which they discussed last year.

"Since much of what we fear concerns the future, one concrete way to remind ourselves that God is able to provide no matter what happens, is to look back at His past faithfulness."

"Making StoryRopes is a creative way to do that. Ribbons of various colors are tied to a rope to symbolize defining moments of joy and disappointment. The women really enjoyed creating a personal StoryRope and then sharing when they recognized God's handiwork in their lives."

"One spontaneous act at the end of the exercise really touched me...each woman connected the ends of her life's StoryRope' to that of her neighbor's on either side. This not only reflects the community nature of the Indian culture, also the truth that we are one in Christ."