Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"A Story Rope can be made to help tell one's story in a colorful, tactile way within a small group of people.
Instead of writing words or speaking words to tell our stories, a fabric-filled rope is created to represent our lives.
Slim fabric strips of various colors are tied along a long, narrow strip of fabric about one meter long.
As participants tie each strip of fabric, on the one long piece, they are remembering different parts of their life stories.
Some parts of our stories are dark, so dark fabric is used to represent that period of time. Some parts are joyful, grace-filled, so brighter fabrics are tied along the "rope" to represent those parts.
Making a story rope is easy for anyone to make. No artistic skills are necessary in sharing one's story this way. It is an art form all can feel they have completed successfully. Many enjoy fabric, so it is a comfortable medium to use. It is user friendly."
I mentored Marcia in story-telling art techniques in spring 2011. She is now helping people tell their stories through art around the world.
Marcia in Cambodia wearing story rope • Marcia's group making story ropes in Hungary

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