Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Final Paris Story Rope Post.  For Martha and I it was very late by now, but for the French, the night was young!  

One of our new friends stayed a little longer.
I was delighted to hear that she is from the country that inspired the art on my lap - I happened to bring it along on the trip.  

She had a glow about her.  How did she get to Paris? What was her family like? What was her story?  

Holding her rope and moving her hand from ribbon to ribbon, she told us her story.  Yes, indeed.  God was in her amazing story. Big hugs!  

She left soon after. In my concern for her safety riding the metro so late, I was told it was not an issue. The metro would be crowded with people, even now in the early hours of the new morning.  

After a little more clean-up, our host graciously walked Martha and I back to our hostel and we said good night. It had been a great evening of making new friends and building relationships around the coffee table - beginning with desserts and ending with stories. 

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