Sunday, April 13, 2014


Cathy talks about her story rope experience in India - 1st of 2 posts:

"Generally the women of India are hungry for Truth in the Story. Breaking thru the traditions and lies of their belief system takes time." 

"I taught God's Story with the great wedding coming soon. Also I taught that in the many, many gods in the world, there is only ONE God who LOVES each woman AND calls her by name."

"The strategy I used was to identify key women, strong in the Word and in prayer and then spend a day with them before we brought together a group of 100 women."

"I prepared them to facilitate small groups of 4-6 women within the large group in listening to each others stories, pray over each others stories and then asking them to follow up with those women in days/weeks to come."

Cathy and I (Marge) worked together in Peru. Look for all 1-SR Peru posts in right index

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