Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Fall 2012  continued from 1st post
After sharing several quilts, I brought out my StoryRope. With it I told my own story - very transparently - for that is key.

As I touched each ribbon, fabric strip and button, I shared what each represented:  
• being raised in a volatile alcholic home • artistic talent • early depression • the importance of the ocean • becoming a Christ-follower • more depression • college art education major • marriage • children • more depression • a friend dying suddenly • going into a very long deep depression • and on... 

As I moved down the rope telling my story, Martha noticed how the women leaned forward, one shook her head-seeming to identify with my struggles.
I finished up with the very slow process of getting better and how God brought beauty out of ashes: I discovered art-quiltmaking - giving rise to a new purpose - taking me all over the world - sharing my art and story and helping others to find God in their dark, hopeless stories too and  teaching others how to do this.

At this point of the evening, our friend, the hostess, suggested they all make story ropes! Plates and cups were removed and out came fabric strips, ribbons and scissors. 

To be continued.......


  1. I am so grateful for this rare and beautifully transparent ministry of truth, love, and hope. Wonderful!

    1. Judy-Thank you so much for commenting! It is so rare I get feedback on the blog - so thank you so much! Of course this is all the Lord God. I am so grateful He is using me and a handful of others.