Friday, March 21, 2014


The following story comes through Peggy, from her friend, Carol, working in India.  
Peggy trained Carol to do the StoryRopes. click here for Peggy's StoryRopes in China

"Today eighteen women participated in an all-day women's meeting...on Peace with God  
and it's corollary, Facing Our Fears. At last year's meeting these two issues tied for second in a list of issues challenging Indian women. At the top of the list was 'need for encouragement, which they discussed last year.

"Since much of what we fear concerns the future, one concrete way to remind ourselves that God is able to provide no matter what happens, is to look back at His past faithfulness."

"Making StoryRopes is a creative way to do that. Ribbons of various colors are tied to a rope to symbolize defining moments of joy and disappointment. The women really enjoyed creating a personal StoryRope and then sharing when they recognized God's handiwork in their lives."

"One spontaneous act at the end of the exercise really touched me...each woman connected the ends of her life's StoryRope' to that of her neighbor's on either side. This not only reflects the community nature of the Indian culture, also the truth that we are one in Christ."

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