Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Making Story Ropes in the ION Create Zone

Story ropes @International Orality Network Conference  2nd of 2 posts  
In the middle of the Create Zone, surrounded by God's Story Rope going around the walls of the room, was a table top loaded with story rope materials.  

Individuals were encouraged to come around the table to make a story rope about their own life or a Bible character.  

And then of course they told their stories.  
(That's the part I love best in these workshops!)

Judy Powell (top photo-in yellow) did a great job planning the story rope sessions and organizing the whole Create Zone!

Thank you to Jolene Wilson, the source of this post. She was on the ground at the ION Conference, experiencing and photographing. Jolene shared the how-to of story ropes with Judy Powell, who took the idea and developed it for the conference. 

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