Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Day 1. Teaching began by looking at God's Story Rope Quilt, the one I designed and used for teaching in Brazil and Peru.

Through the design across the quilt surface, specifically the golden cord, I taught the Truth that God has always been there. He has never left each of us, no matter how dark and awful our experience has been.

We were expecting to hear tearful, dark stories when they went through the story rope process.  We wanted them to know up front that God is for them and they are each part of His story.  The rest of the teaching would 'hang' on this.

I demonstrated that I am part of God's story, by showing my story rope with it's dark ribbons, when I doubted God was there. Then I held it up by the golden cord on the quilt, representing that God never left me.

Cristina translated. We were off to a good beginning. click on photos to enlarge

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