Monday, October 17, 2011


I spent an afternoon with teenage girls on one of my cross-cultural trips. I sat with the girls around a table & asked them to introduce themselves. They told more than their names, they wanted me to know their stories.

They were so young and already had experienced so much pain and struggle. I was struck by their maturity and sense of hope. They radiated joy.
For a fun way to end our time together, I put out tags, painted papers, markers, glue-sticks & scissors. "Make anything you want on the tag," I said. It was such a little space to create on. I wondered if they would enjoy this little bit of art making.

They loved the project and started creating, not at all limited by the small space. With their stories fresh on their minds, the girls retold them now in colors & shapes that formed simple pictures.

When the tags were finished, I asked if any would like to share what they made. They all wanted to! So once again the stories flowed from girl to girl around the table, but now in pictures on little tags.

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