Saturday, August 20, 2011


The story rope is neither art nor craft but simply a colorful engaging hand made timeline of ones life, using the simplest of local materials. These instructions can be adapted to any culture.

Purchase materials locally
• honors their culture
• familiar - 'theirs' - cultural connection
• found in their markets - they can replicate teaching

What we used in Rwanda
• African fabrics - precut into long strips
• spools of ribbons - black, red, white, green, light blue, yellow
• buttons
• thread
• couple pairs of scissors

How each made their own story rope
• each selected a strip of African fabric
• cut lengths of ribbons, choosing colors identified with each segment of their story
• tied ribbons onto strip in the chronological order of their story
• with thread, tied buttons on to rope representing parts of their story.
Photos: top @ Solace; lower @ World Relief in Rwanda

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